Mallorca Wedding Photographers

Mallorca Wedding Photographers

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Mallorca Wedding Photographers

Mallorca Wedding Photographers

Mallorca Wedding Photographers

We tell stories with images, without words. Photographs full of naturalness that tell your story without anymore. This is what we do, because this is what we are passionate about. Mallorca Wedding Photographers Have you ever thought about it? And if you could not miss anything?

No detail, no perspective, no moment, not a moment. Just as you have taken care of all the details in the preparations for your wedding, the team of Àngel Fotògraf will capture in images everything that happens on that day.

We initiate the creative process with a request: that you be yourselves, natural and enjoy everything that happens around you. We want to capture your naturalness, improvisation, nerves, complicity, joy, impatience … and we want to do it without being perceived, without you being aware of the cameras in almost not any time, since our team is the one that should be that day of you, as well as of your family and friends.

Mallorca Wedding Photographers

From our particular vision, we photograph every detail of your wedding; your glances, kisses, laughs … we tell your story with our pictures without specifying words. Mallorca Wedding Photographers The wedding photographers in Mallorca rescue moments, we perpetuate them, but we want to do it naturally, with the greatest possible improvisation, because the emotions are not programmed, they are not planned, they arise. And this is what we are looking for.

So much time organizing step by step your special day, choosing the wedding dress, the suit for the groom, trying endless menus, looking at floral arrangements, choosing the bridal bouquet, looking for details for the guests, the music …. And when the big day arrives, the wedding photographers in Mallorca want to see through the pure objective improvisation and naturalness!. At Àngel Fotògraf we do not care so much about getting good images as capturing your feelings. You are the protagonists of your love story and we seek to immortalize it.

Mallorca Wedding Photographer

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Our experience in wedding reports guarantee a professional work that we always do with the latest technological advances, as we do not stop training professionally, attending all kinds of important photographic events together with other wedding photographers in Mallorca to continue acquiring knowledge. We have 20 years of professional experience in the Island and in other cities that you have taken us to, but the most important thing is the satisfaction and recognition of our clients.

Mallorca Wedding Photographers Among the wide range of wedding photographers in Mallorca, Àngel Fotògraf is a young and dynamic company formed by a team of professionals with an undoubted experience and eager to continue making happy so many couples who took on the responsibility of remember with our work their most special day.

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The wedding photographers in Mallorca know that the experience, the satisfaction of a well done job and the comments of our clients, are for us the best letter of presentation that we can offer, since we are specialized in wedding reporting, circumstance that it becomes for the bride and groom an always interesting option.

Our professionalism requires us to be attentive to each gesture, each look, each movement to be able to perpetuate it and that you can relive it. Although we look for naturalness between the couple and everything that happens around you, our level of demand in the final result of our work is maximum, either in photography or in the edition, a very important phase to guarantee an impeccable final result.

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After those photos that will capture all your attention and that you will see again and again, there is a unique story, your story, and the work of Àngel Fotògraf consists in achieving precisely this, that you do not forget them, because the memory keeps photographs and the photographs are born of the great stories.

Some photographs that will reveal naturalness and complicity and that will fill your album of memories. We want to focus your illusion, just that.

Best wedding photographer in Mallorca

Mallorca Wedding Photographers We will like to meet your families and those friends and special people that each of you has in your life, because they will surely give us exciting moments.


The wedding photographers in Mallorca know that you look at them with a different look and we want to capture that affection, that emotion, because we know that they are important to you. Parents, grandparents, children, brothers, close friends, nephews, … together with them your emotion will come out and we do not want to miss these moments.

In our tireless search and that of all wedding photographers in Mallorca to get real photographs, in which you will recognize each look and relive moments, emotion plays an important role, any of them: laugh, impatience, nerves, relaxation, your caresses … emotions that we will transmit and rescue so that you do not forget them in the final result of our work.

Wedding Photographers in Mallorca

The wedding photographers in Mallorca know that there is a personal work in which we get involved after each report and that we cannot miss the inspiration suggested by the main elements of the wedding day, either in the case of a religious or civil ceremony: the bride, the groom, the ceremony, the party…

Romantic wedding Photographers

We will put special emphasis on the personality of the couple our photography is a Romantic wedding Photography style. The wedding photographers in Mallorca know that weddings speak of yourselves and for this reason there is nothing that makes a bride shine more brightly than her naturalness, that be she herself.

A romantic, sensual, fun, happy, spontaneous bride … be like you are, but in love, always in love.

Spontaneity Wedding Photographer

A bride that has been drenched for months full of illusion of each and every one of the trends in hairdressing, makeup, wedding dresses, bridal bouquets, details for guests and then has known to choose because it is clear what she wants. And the groom, no less carefree or organized, always impeccable, elegant, protective, outstanding and ready to enjoy what may be the most important moment of his life.


Mallorca Wedding Photographers In Àngel Fotògraf we will highlight the details, the symbols that are important to you, those in which you have dedicated so much time and that will not go unnoticed by our cameras. The wedding photographers in Mallorca capture the importance of what is most important to you.

Naturalness wedding photography in Mallorca

The wedding photographers in Mallorca have been witnesses over the years of the evolution of wedding reports. They have left behind the forced poses of the group photographs with all the members of the family, the forced gestures … to bet on the naturalness and pure improvisation that we are now looking for above all.

Maybe we repeat ourselves, but the natural thing is for the wedding photographers in Mallorca what matters most to us, getting in this way to guarantee that your album really tells your story.

Mallorca Wedding Photographers

Although we have made wedding reports in many different locations and even outside the Island, where many clients have trusted us, those who have chosen to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca know that they are privileged. The Island offers us the perfect scenery full of emblematic places to get beautiful images.


The sea, hidden coves, beaches, historic buildings, the Mallorcan countryside, the land, the mills, the most emblematic trees that nature gives us … different locations that offer to the wedding photographers in Mallorca a good alternative for not stop overlooking any detail that may improve each of the photographs.

Emotionality wedding photographers in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca is full of exceptional locations that never disappoint and we must take advantage of it. We will search for you, without doubt, the best scenario.Mallorca Wedding Photographers Emotions in a pure state in an idyllic setting. Emotions that make us see you with the real feelings that you transmit when you look at yourself.

We will shape this idea in your album, with all our knowledge, respect and sensitivity, precisely because in Àngel Fotògraf we think that this is how a love story should be treated, your history.

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