We chose Àngel Fotògraf when we saw the photo report of a friend’s wedding. We found it impressive. The photos were spectacular, and in addition, we could see how they worked in the wedding of these friends and then in ours, two different situations which you have two points of view and twice as many reasons to choose them.

As guests at the wedding, you keep the treatment they give to all guests, how they get them to participate, how they capture the best moments, how they provoke situations that translate into stunning photographs.

As bride and groom, you see everything totally different. They did not stop being aware of us at any time, but laying low, doing their work as if they were not there. And once the most important moments of the wedding are over, they get involved one hundred percent to get the best out of all of us. They involve family members, friends, guests; awakening the funniest, craziest side to get pictures full of life and hilarious. They have an overflowing creativity and imagination, but also an enviable improvisation.

We would count on them again for the most important events of our lives, of course, because we want them to embellish and eternalize as they only know how to do it.