Juanma & Cristina

We are a couple that we got married few months ago. We both like photography and videos so much, so long before our wedding we set out to search round the Island for a good team of professionals to hire at our wedding. I think we traveled almost the whole Island meeting many photographers and we have to recognize that there are very good photographers in Mallorca.

During our search, we met Angel fotograf´s team. We were at a friend’s wedding and suddenly we realized that he was not a normal photographer. It was amazing to see him working; it drew our attention his great effort and passion to capture the best moments of the wedding. We were surprised by his way of captivating both the bride and groom and the rest of the guest, adults and children.

For all of this, we wanted to know the result of the work we had seen. It was simply brilliant, a beautiful album, full of emotions and great moments so we decided to appear in his studio in San Lorenzo and hire Ángel Fotograf’s team for our wedding.

We verified that Angel is a close person, humble, very professional and full of great ideas to get the best pictures of what would undoubtedly be the most important day of our lives.

Indeed it was, our first session was to do the pre-shot report. We have to admit that we had some nerves before we started, nerves that disappeared from the very first moment thanks to the friendliness, good work and great professionalism of Angel and his team.

The wedding day was very special for many reasons that´s why we wanted Angel and Mateo, his brother, to be immortalizing every moment. The truth is that many of the guests gave us congratulations for hiring Angel Photography because, as they said, they were unique and they got very natural, spontaneous and original moments and photographs.

When we received the album we loved it, the photos were spectacular, they had a lot of quality and above all they had soul. For us, it is very important that each photo transmits sensations, emotions and moves us to that moment, and thanks to Angel photography we have achieved it. Thank you.