You have imagined thousands of times how you want your Wedding to be and there is only one image that repeats itself, her. The only thing you can see is her look, her hair, her special way of smiling when she gets nervous and how she tries to hide it… Then, you realize that nothing else matters. Her face, her presence and a beautiful place. You remember the sea, those holidays in the Balearic Islands, and that tiny lost cove in the middle of Mallorca, where you swore to come back one day.

Mallorca elopement 01That’s it, you have it all, your love and a destination. That wedding has a name and it is called Elopement. It is a romantic getaway, a run off, it is escaping from the world to get married in secret, only for love. As Wedding Photographers in Mallorca that is our weakness. To photograph that love, that feeling that has moved your whole body and has led you to cross half of the world to organize your elopement in Mallorca. We want to be there, we want to tell your beautiful love story.

Mallorca elopement 02

For us, a big Wedding does not mean thousands of guests. We believe that a great wedding is what this one represents, so your intimate Elopement will be as important as a conventional Wedding. And even if it’s just the two of you, we will just be two as well.

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Two professional wedding photographers that will make sure every detail is taken care of, even the simplest gesture. Imagine that after the wedding you will forever have your love sentiments converted into images. That is what we achieve as Wedding Photographers in Mallorca. We catch the emotions with our camera so every single wedding picture tells a story itself, and becomes a declaration of love. It might be because we are so deeply in love with life, with our family, with people, that we aren’t able to detach our personal feelings from our way of working in wedding photography, even more if we are talking about an elopement in Mallorca. It is here where our feelings become even bigger than the sea, which waves will be the perfect soundtrack to your Ceremony.

Mallorca elopement 04From the very beginning we will be by your side, in order to tell your intimate Wedding in Mallorca as truthfully as it is in real life. We will take care of the very first hours of preparation, when the Bride starts getting ready, meanwhile the Bridegroom already imagines her with her radiant and beaming smile.

ÇEvery instant is a unique Photograph. We like to capture on camera your natural gestures, without provoking or forcing them. So, we wait, we observe and we pay attention to everything that is happening during your whole elopement in Mallorca. Beautiful Bride, you’ll be a bit nervous surrounded by makeup and hair brushes, by layers of soft silk you put so much effort when choosing them, but you’ll be sure that this is your Wedding dress for your intimate Wedding in Mallorca. Magnificent and ready, your eyes find his.

Mallorca elopement 05That look will always win our heart. This is what we are passionate about. This is the reason we want to be Wedding Photographers in Mallorca, in Menorca, in Ibiza, anywhere you’d like, anywhere you’d like your elopement to be.

Your intimate Ceremony, more private than ever, deserves a delicate, serene and discreet treatment because we don’t want to interfere with all the feelings that are taking place in that moment. An elopement in Mallorca is more that an exchange of rings. You will give strong promises and great love, the one that has let you to your special Wedding Day.  Without even noticing, your Wedding Photographs will be building up the story of an incredible day, full of tenderness as well as fun, but between the two of you, this party it’s only for two.

Mallorca elopement 06‘Only for Two’ could be the title to your elopement in Mallorca. The island knows and becomes our partner in crime. It gives us magnificent sceneries for our Couple Photographs. In this so special photo shoot you will need to let go more than ever. Your only job will be to let yourself go with the feelings and emotions. Those that made you come back to these marvellous islands, which environment understands and comes along with you in this special experience. We will take care of every single aesthetic aspect of your Wedding Photographs and Couple Photographs in Mallorca.

Mallorca elopement 07They are an essential part of an elopement, and we know it. Therefore, we are just two photographers, two lovers of love, two Wedding Photographers in Mallorca. We are the ones that will be by your side, walking over your steps, surrendered to your gestures and your will to live. Because what we call an intimate Wedding is your willingness to live a unique and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And we will be more than grateful to be part of it. Together with your wedding planner, we will choose the perfect scenery in the island: within the urban centre, at the beach, in the middle of the sea… We have plenty of options full of light and colour.

Mallorca elopement 09

This mixture screams photography and the air whispers the words of love that completely conquers our cameras and stops time. For us, Wedding Photographers in Mallorca, an elopement here in our island is an incredible experience that we enjoy to the fullest and we are sure that this passion will be reflected in your Wedding Photographs in Mallorca.

A feeling a passion, an island. A love story. This is how your elopement in Mallorca will be. We are waiting

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