When life decides to surprise you, the only thing you can do is surrender and let yourself go. This is what Josep María and Susana did. This bride and this groom are special for many reasons. Their personal story is worthy of storytelling. Romance at the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, second chances and trains that will always reach the same platform. Their love story talks about what we, Photographers in Menorca, adore: love.

Josep María and Susana knew each other for a long time. Since high school, they have been sharing unforgettable experiences. But they decided to follow different paths in life without knowing what the future would hold. Fortunately, they would encounter themselves again, and from that moment onwards they have not left each other’s side. We want to tell you their story, their Wedding in Menorca. They have decided that their vows are worthy of being heard from the rooftops. Thus, they arranged such an incredible civil ceremony among S’algar’s cliffs in Menorca. This island has become Josep María’s favourite summer destination for some time now. It is like his second home. Both Josep María and Susana could not imagine celebrating their wedding anywhere else. They both knew that they wanted Menorcan waters,  its sky and its fresh air as witnesses of their reencounter. As Photographers in Menorca, we adore working with couples that show such complicity since day one. They pass on that feeling to everyone who passes by. What a wonderful opportunity to obtain such emotive photographs, always full of emotions.


It was S’algar in Menorca where this loving couple and their family and friends travelled to for this unique celebration. All of them, surrounded by a paradisiac environment, were delighted to witness the beginning of this lovely story. If you take a quick look to their wedding photographs, you will definitely feel the same emotions everybody felt that day. Photographs full of colour, love and smiley faces. That was their Wedding, and of course it was our pleasure to be able to witness every detail and capture it with our cameras. Our dream, as Photographers in S’algar, came true when we got to work with them. So, let us continue this beautiful story.

Susana was such a radiant bride. Her face was illuminated by the sun, but most of all by her expression of true happiness. No nerves were to be found but her dream to be reunited with the love of her life. Dressed in white and loose hair, between laces and roses. There was no doubt that these photographs would turn out perfectly. As Photographers in Menorca, the fact of having such a beautiful bride in front of us makes us sure that the results will be magnificent, fresh, and of course, romantic since we are talking about a Wedding.

Josep María could not be happier, and everyone who was present felt it. That happiness made him fearless and he even took his tie off, marking his new own rules on wedding protocol. He could not stop thinking about Susana, his future bride. If they were already special on their own, imagine how special they are when they are together. S’algar is full of perfect nooks and corners where natural couple photographs can be taken. The beauty we seek as Wedding Photographers in Menorca, we found it in this loving couple. All together, we were creating a unique and incredible Wedding Report, just as unique as this couple. This bride and this groom knew that Menorca was, without a doubt, their perfect wedding destination to celebrate their civil ceremony. They took into account their guests and their commodity. The nuptial dinner was just a few footsteps away from where they said their vows. The restaurant where the wedding party took place is Amura Luxury, in S’algar.

The food was typical Mediterranean food but with a twist. It was a very entertaining experience, a delight for your palate. Amura Luxury Restaurant was the perfect scenery for that moment of happiness where everybody was smiling. These smiles were transmitted to every single guest and there was no doubt that you could breathe love within the atmosphere. This can be seen in all the photographs that we took that evening. Spontaneous photographs, full of unique and genuine gestures. These type of photographs are the ones we are looking for. We want them to be full of emotions. Because these emotions will be relived once again when the couple gets to enjoy the final result of our work, even if many years have passed by. That is what we, Photographers in Menorca, get to call the miracle of our job. We transform instants of life into memories.


In order not to get away from this dreamy civil wedding in S’algar and in order not to get away from the echoes of the sound waves we decided to continue the post-wedding photoshoot in Isla del Aire. A tiny island chaired by a beautiful lighthouse not far away from Menorca. We used the lighthouse as a metaphor to explain Josep María and Susana’s story. A guide, a light in life that knew how to guide them to go on land. Their land, their life together. We had plenty of fun shooting together once again. They are such a dedicated couple and they definitely created such magical and unique moments. Josep María and Susana, it has been a pleasure to be part of such a special and beautiful story. We truly enjoyed being your Wedding Photographers in Menorca. With all the affection of the world and all the passion we have put in this project, here you have your Wedding Photographs. May happiness be with you in everything you do from now on.