Professional Photographer in Mallorca.

Professional Photographer in Mallorca

Being a wedding photographer is not just a simple profession, it is a way of life. You find out when you cannot stop taking photographs of everything you see. Thus, your camera becomes your best friend. It is then when your passion for photography starts growing and growing in such a natural and inevitable way that it ends up becoming your own career. It is a pure vocational thing that makes you what you really are, a Professional Photographer in Mallorca.

Mallorca, my homeland; my camera, my partner in crime that comes with me in all my adventures. I look for the best shoots in every single corner, and every photograph I take is unique on itself since all of them tell a different story to the other ones. That is my main aim and what I look for. I cannot look at the world without feeling anything, neither can my camera. It does not matter if it is a studio photoshoot, a wedding photoshoot or if I am photographing buildings, people, objects or landscapes, all of them hide beauty and life within themselves. As a Professional Photographer in Mallorca, I persistently look for that essence. Because when I find it with my precious camera and I truly know that photograph is going to be perfect. That sublime moment, that beauty is what I always tell from my heart, from my own vision of the world. Because becoming a Professional Photographer in Mallorca means to find your own style and be true to it since it will be your language and your way of communication.

Professional Photographeres in Mallorca

My way of telling a story of a life, with its main events, its intensive emotions, and overall the special places where these events take place. As a Professional Photographer in Mallorca you cannot separate people from their environment. They must always go together and they must never be isolated. It is when they are together that they create such a natural, pure and harmonious photograph. This is the reason why I truly enjoy architecture photography. Neat spaces that would be meaningless without its people who give them life. Architecture photography requires the same passion as any other type of photography since the beauty of its structures and its shapes has their own way of communicating. Shades and lights, straight, curve and impossible lines, magic materials and textures. A world in which I, a Professional Photographer in Mallorca, love to get lost in it thanks to its surprises and its imaginative and creative challenges.

Professional Photographer in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza.

These challenges are a constant motivation and they definitely guarantee a job full of surprises. Every project is different. It mostly happens in weddings. Every wedding is unique and this is how I want to portray them. I need to confess that when it comes to weddings I let my feelings and emotions go. Rather than just a Professional Photographer in Mallorca I become a lover of love who falls for everything that makes love possible. I adore transforming events into memories. Thus, my main aim here is to give that loving couple unique memories of their unforgettable day. A day which will fly by but thanks to these photographs their memories will last forever. As their Professional Photographer in Mallorca, I will live their wedding with the same passion the bride and the groom will, therefore all of my emotions will be put in their Wedding Photographs.

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As a Professional Photographer in Mallorca, I truly think that a Wedding Report is much more than just the wedding day. The couple should know that it requires more than just one day to create such a masterpiece. We need more days, more memories, more photographs so we can set up the perfect wedding report. Thus, Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding Photoshoots are the perfect complement. As a Professional Photographer in Mallorca, I pursue the most perfect places for the couples to find meaning within themselves and the scenery we have chosen. Once again, places and people come together inevitably. It is in those surroundings and corners where the couple and my camera play together, have fun and let a day full of laughter pass by. When it comes to a wedding we always have two cameras working so we do not miss any gesture or detail. My main goal in a wedding as a Professional Photographer in Mallorca is to move people with every single photograph. It is now when all photos must be thoughtful, full of emotion and overall, they must be taken with the heart.

Professional Photographer in Mallorca, Spain

By following my heart, I am able to portray unique moments of the life of people I cross paths with. As a Professional Photographer in Mallorca, there is a certain type of photography that has a special place in my heart: pregnancy photography or maternity photography. The main aim here is to tell what is actually happening. Several times after having done many couples’ wedding report, they come back to me to immortalise such a unique and special moment. Then, my satisfaction doubles, not only as a Professional Photographer in Mallorca but in a personal way as well. It is now that, for a second time, I become a witness of the life of such a loving couple and their excitement for their baby being born. My camera focuses completely on that feminine beauty and on her state of life which undeniably draws a beautiful and constant smile on her face. I play with shadows and lights, I look for elegance, freshness and love. That love that moves me. A future mom screams love in capital letters, doesn’t she?

This is who I am, this is how I work and how I feel. Your Professional Photographer in Mallorca or wherever you need me, wherever you need your story to be told, me and my camera will be there for you.