My boyfriend and I chose every detail of the wedding, we supervised the whole organization and we made thousands of decisions, but what we had clear for some time was the choice of Àngel Fotògraf for our album. We had heard about him and we had seen his work. It seemed impeccable, without anymore.

The day of the wedding made us feel very comfortable and that everything was easier. We appreciated it so much! The truth is that when you get married you usually do it for the first time, or at least, that was our case, and even if you spend months organizing everything, when the time comes you need that dose of joy and confidence that they transmitted us. And they also they knew how to communicate it to all guests, who were delighted with the Àngel Fotògraf´s team. Surely from all of them, it will come up new customers.

We are demanding in almost everything we do and for this we rely on the professionalism and experience of the team of photographers to immortalize our great day. They did not disappoint us; on the other hand, they exceeded our expectations. The final result of his work was spectacular, there were impressive photographs; full of beauty and light and feeling that characterizes his work. How could we not choose them? How can we not count on them again or recommend them?