If a photographer looks for a captivating glance, we were captivated by his work, without any doubt. The treatment received and the contagious desire of the entire team of Àngel Fotògraf, was what we needed to make my partner and I feel good. We were not used to be the goal of a camera that seeks to photograph everything that happens that day.

Mainly they gave us calm, knowing that you have chosen good professionals and that somehow you are unconcerned because you trust them and you know that you will do a good job, without anymore. And having this feeling on a day so full of details that you have supervised a thousand times, it is appreciated.

When we observed the final work, we were even more surprised. They showed us moments that go on by; they captured every important detail of the day and many emotions. The truth is that it was an especially emotional wedding and it was showed in the photo album. You can even relive how you felt at that moment!

As a bride they made me feel very special, they treated me with affection and I do not exaggerate if I say they got the best out of me. We are both very happy with their work, and we take this opportunity to recommend it, in fact, we already do it without realizing it every time we name their entire team. They are formidable, really, and hilarious. Choosing them was a great success.