In every single wedding there always is a special moment, which is kept for both the bride and the groom only. This moment is fleetingly achieved in a matter of seconds when they read their vows. That moment which seemed unattainable is now a reality. For every loving couple, the world can be described in just two words: you and I. Driven by the intensity of every single moment, a growing number of couples look for a private, discrete and intimate wedding. They choose a city, a very special place and date to them. This is how you create an Elopement. Far from a traditional wedding ceremony, an Elopement will let you, as a loving couple, get lost and found yourselves at the same time. You will construct such personal and unique memories that you will never forget. No matter the destination you may choose, an Elopement is such an unforgettable event in which we would be truly delighted to take part in and witness every second of it.

We are Wedding Photographers in Mallorca, and we are growing stronger year after year thanks to those couples who trust us and choose not only us but this wonderful island to celebrate their intimate wedding, their Mallorca Elopement. We are passionate about great love stories, and what fascinates us the most are these Weddings in which romanticism leads us to very unique opportunities to take the most emotive and unflawed photographs. A Mallorca Elopement is the perfect event for us, as passionate Wedding Photographers, to keep us motivated and to keep us indulging in our job.

A Mallorca Elopement is rather intimate, since there are just the loving couple and, in some cases, a few witnesses. Regardless the little amount of people, this celebration will be organised and every detail will be taken care of thoroughly. It does not matter if it is a Religious Ceremony or a Civil Ceremony. Both the bride and the groom will dress as if it were a traditional Wedding. The bride will bring to Mallorca the most special dress, which will later be accompanied with the most natural and delicate hair and makeup look. As nervous as the groom, they will have organised every single detail. All the decorations, the bouquet of flowers and even a delicious wedding cake. We will also take all of this effort put into your Mallorca Elopement into account and, we will make sure to portray in all of it in your wedding report. A wedding report that will be previously talked through since every couple is different and definitely want different types of photographs and settings to create this unique and personal memory. For this reason, we have several Elopement Packages, so every one of them can be adapted to each couple’s needs. We are Elopement Photographers and we have been working with loving couples for many years now, and as always, we take our profession very seriously, embracing every wedding with all the love and passion we can offer. Not to mention that Mallorca is our home, and we know the island like the back of our hands, taking every couple to dreamlike sceneries and landscapes, the perfect ones to take such unique and startling photographs.

In order to make the most out of your Mallorca Elopement, it is important to organise it with plenty of time, and take advantage of your stay in the island so we can go to all of those magical places Mallorca hides, and experience together every second of it with the intensity that it deserves. Therefore, an Elopement Plan is crucial. Once we have looked through every single detail, the only task you will have is to enjoy every second of it. As we said, we know this island and all the Balearic Islands very well. We know how light works, how the sea behaves and, most of all we know its people, its streets, its history. We know the best corners and spots, every perfect nook, which will definitely create the most perfect and magical atmosphere to take your Mallorca Elopement photographs. We have plenty of Elopement Ideas and everything will be under control so, the only thing you need to bring with you is that great enthusiasm all loving couples have.

Taking all of these into account, we will organise your Mallorca Elopement together in order to enjoy it and make the most out of it. You will not even notice our cameras because the last thing we want is to invade that special intimacy and closeness that is created in an Elopement. It will be just two of us, two professional Elopement Photographers who will be in charge of capturing your celebration. Your Mallorca Elopement deserves that all our passion is put in your photographs because we do not want to miss any detail, any gesture of it. We want to capture everything and hand it in to you as the best memory of your life. Thus, two camera men will hide between the intensity of every second, and the intimacy of every moment to make sure you will always have your Mallorca Elopement for ever.

In the case of an Elopement, every couples photo shoot is fantastically good. You will not have to rush at all since you have come all the way to Mallorca to celebrate your Mallorca Elopement. You just have to let yourselves go in front of the camera. We will have a whole day ahead of us, with its changing lights and our Majorcan scenery, with a thousand details which scream nothing but beauty and photography. Natural photographs, which portray your true feelings and emotions. A Mallorca Elopement is one of the most special moments in your life as a couple. Thus, having this event as photographs, as memories for the rest of your life is completely worth it. Years will pass by and just by looking and them you will come back to this unique and intimate moment in such a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea, when time stopped to see you smile until dawn.

Your Mallorca Elopement needs a unique and emotive way of taking wedding photographs, and we want to be able to tell your love story, we want to tell your Inspiration Elopement. You just have to say yes.

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