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Joana and Sebastià found love once more in their lives and they decided to shout it out loud and share it with their loved ones. Why not? We met the couple at the Bridal Fair, an unmissable event for the wedding photographers from Mallorca and one of the most important specialized fairs in the bridal sector. That’s where Joana’s daughter, Marta, was admired with our work and chose us herself to report on her mother’s wedding.

The couple chose for the pre-wedding photographs the Almudaina area, in the heart of the city of Palma de Mallorca. A charming area near the famous Palacio de la Almudaina, an emblematic building that today is used as the official residence of the kings for the celebration of ceremonies and receptions. With seven centuries of history, it is one of the most emblematic places of the Mallorcan city.

Among the natural and improvised photographs taken in the streets of this area full of charm, we entered a bar with a lot of charm and sure years of bar stories. The walls were full of illuminated billboards, mirrors of drinks brands and also different memories of significant moments of this mythical bar. Joana and Sebastià dressed for the photo shoot with a casual look, jeans and T-shirts. And in love, this was more than enough.

The wedding celebration took place in a beautiful pine forest near La Terraza restaurant where they also had lunch with the guests. This restaurant is located in the Mallorcan town of Alcudia, a special place for its privileged location, overlooking the sea and in an idyllic location in the well-known tourist area. The specialty of La Terraza restaurant is Mediterranean and Mallorcan cuisine. It offers its customers fresh seafood and high quality meats.

Joana appeared beautiful in La Terraza restaurant with a dress by Somnis Mediterranis firm. A special knotted dress to the neck with the ruffled skirt and neckline in the back. Full of personality and that clearly spoke of the extroverted character of the bride. In the hair, she wore a bun and a very natural makeup. Her overwhelming personality did not need more complements. For the bouquet, white lilies with long stem, this was her choice.

He also arrived dressed in white, with a suit of elegant simplicity with a beige waistcoat. He added with character a scarf on the neck of the same color. Mafredo was the firm chosen by Sebastià. He chose to feel good about himself and about a suit and color that spoke of him. He ran away from the conventional suit.

The personality of the couple was present in every detail and in every show of affection they gave away. The special sensibility of Sebastià undoubtedly marked some of the most emotional moments of the wedding, which were many of them. The wedding photographers from Mallorca seek with our lens exactly these moments, many times the most emotional.

And why not? The bride and groom´s friends put the note of joy and fun to the wedding. It must be like that. There were happy moments for an unforgettable day, endless laughter for inexplicable situations. Simply fun, improvised dances, music and more music. This was how special the wedding of Joana and Sebastià was.

The chosen setting, La Terraza restaurant, offered our team an idyllic place to make a good photographic report. The wedding photographers from Mallorca know that the essential thing in such a special day is to capture the essence of the couple, their way of being, but the places, the scenarios, the space, also count in a certain way and help to achieve a good final result. And La Terraza restaurant, overlooking the sea, dazzled us for its natural beauty. It was really awesome!

And as the love of this couple travels fast and unstoppable by road, the post wedding of Joana and Sebastià was, as first stage, in an old road almost abandoned. Even better! Asphalt and vegetation, an almost perfect combination to get as wedding photographers from Mallorca, some special photographs and with character, as they have been all the spaces chosen by Joana and Sebastià since the beginning of this adventure that they have wanted to share with all our equipment. They hurried kisses and ran through the hugs and caresses in case a vehicle could cross, although even so it could be able with a similar union.

But it did not end here, this couple, full of surprises, with clear ideas and a contagious joy, wanted to add one more place as a stage for their wedding photography shoots; the sea, as it could not be otherwise in an Island as privileged as Mallorca. We will have to take advantage of it, do not you think? For this we move to Cala Mesquida, one of the most charming coves on the Island. Joana let go of her hair for this session, picked up on one side with two white natural flowers. But Joana and Sebastià were unconcerned, they became discouraged and… Dive in! Wet suits, wild hair and silhouettes drawn with the sky or the sea in the background. Rocks, vegetation, sea, the impressive sky … And both of them! Without anymore.

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Wedding Photographers from Mallorca

Wedding Photographer from Mallorca

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