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Nothing can go wrong when all the planets align at the same time the loving couple do on their wedding day. An island: Mallorca. It woke up to a storm which foresaw quite a complicated celebration but to everyone’s surprise ten minutes before it all started the fearsome tempest ceased. You may call this bodes well or even a hidden call to destiny, either way it worked wonders. Regardless the amount of weddings we have photographed, we can say without a doubt that in every single one of them there are surprises (and all good ones). So everything went perfect and this Elopement could not have ended in a better way.

Marcos and Linnea met in Sweden but Marcos’ childhood brought them to Mallorca, in Puerto de Alcúdia where Marcos parents’ own a villa. They live there all year around. Thus, the couple had taken advantage of such a privilege and they decided to celebrate their wedding in that villa. They wanted the Mediterranean sea and their memories in that villa to become witnesses to their wedding. It was a matter of organization. Therefore, they counted on the assistance of Mariona, who is very experienced in wedding organization as she works at Tot Apunt Catering. As one of the best wedding planners you can find, she took care of every single detail for Marcos and Linnea’s wedding, including decoration and organisation.

This couple knew how to make the most out of Mallorca. So, in order to accommodate all of their friends and family, who came a very long way to celebrate such an extraordinary celebration, they could not found a better place than Hotel Zafiro in Puerto de Alcúdia. Thanks to its quality service and its closeness to villa it turned out to be the perfect option. All guests arrived the day before the ceremony. Thus, they decided to through a pre-wedding party in a catamaran. They all spent a wonderful day among the clear and deep waters of the Mediterranean sea. Toasts, laughter and happiness were the main characters on board.


The bridesmaids, the witnesses, all the family and the rest of friends engaged in the foretaste of what this unforgettable Elopement was going to be: a celebration to love. A Wedding Destination offers unique moments to take natural and vital photographs. We are willing to go anywhere just to find love. Nothing else matters. As Wedding Photographers in Mallorca, we adore moments where love is centre of attention, because these moments are unique and genuine.

After this pre-wedding celebration, the actual wedding day had arrived. With our cameras in hand, we got to where Linnea was getting ready. She chose the most beautiful suite at Hotel Zafiro in Puerto de Alcúdia. She was getting dressed with the most beautiful views. Thus, we got the chance to create so natural and beautiful photographs of that special moment. Such a radiant bride, who was very well accompanied with her bridesmaids dressed in pink as the groom’s bow tie. These nods show the complicity that there is between the bride and the groom. In addition, these will later on give cohesion and, overall, personality to their wedding report.

As their Wedding Photographers in Mallorca we are always attentive to all of these details and gestures. Another aspect of this wedding we specially loved was the way in which the groom’s witnesses were dressed. With a light coloured shirt and suspenders, laughing and having fun they came along with the groom to the altar. Everything was beautifully decorated by Mariona from Tot Apunt Catering. Once the bride and the groom reencountered themselves the civil ceremony started. In the open air at Puerto de Alcúdia, that place which had seen Marcos grow up was now holding his Elopement. As, Wedding Photographers in Mallorca, we adore witnessing such moments full of emotions because it makes our job easier. All photographs turn out naturally, as the actual ceremony.

The villa was so incredibly well decorated and ready to receive all guests with the most tasteful appetizer thanks to Tot Apunt Catering. Taking advantage of the fact that we were in Mallorca, we could not resist all the delicious delicacies that the Mediterranean offers. Nothing could beat a good glass of wine and the company of all their family and friends. The wedding photographs in Mallorca we took in this Elopement speak for themselves. This loving couple was completely confident. With much enthusiasm and desire, they said ‘I do’ without hesitation, and they said ‘yes’ to a life together with their two beautiful children.

Marcos and Linnea’s photographs are full of light, colour and laughter. No one could stop dancing because what really mattered was celebrating. Happy endings do exist. This couple and their people devoted themselves to our cameras. They wanted to treasure that moment forever, they wanted to create new memories and we gave them what they desired. We truly enjoyed being their Wedding Photographers in Mallorca and we loved every single moment of it.

Thank you, Marcos and Linnea. We thank you for discovering us from abroad, thank you for trusting us, and thank you for this incredible opportunity. Nothing could go wrong with a bride as Linnea, whose eyes reflected the blue of the Mallorcan sea in her eyes. Your wedding photographs have been taken with the same love and passion, with which we work every day and with which we definitely worked on your wedding day. Congratulations, we wish you the best for the time ahead.

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