Wedding Photographers Mallorca

Wedding Photographers Mallorca


Andrea and Joel arrived in Mallorca from Switzerland because they truly wanted to discover what is the Mediterranean hiding among its blue waters and its green landscapes. They got here looking for a romantic destination to celebrate their special Destination Wedding in an island which gripped their hearts with its warm sunsets and its gentle Mediterranean breezes. Their wedding would be one of those beautiful weddings that you would never forget. It would be one of those weddings that we, Wedding Photographers Mallorca, knew we would really enjoy. Not only because its beautiful details, but for every single one of their guest. And as we thought, Andrea and Joel’s wedding in Mallorca turned out to be very special. Thus, we want to tell you about it, but overall, show it to you with our photographs. Because we are best when we do Wedding Photographs Mallorca, photographs taken with heart.

We want you to notice with their natural photographs that this wedding was much more than just a simple wedding. The celebration was special from the very beginning. Laughter lead the gala from the very first minute. No one wanted this evening to end, no one wanted to leave. As Wedding Photographers Mallorca, we had the opportunity to sneak between the invitees and really portray in these photographs what these loving couple and all their guests did from minute one: let themselves go and enjoyed this incredible day.


Finca de Agroturismo Cases de Son Barbassa was the perfect location to celebrate this unique wedding. This place guarantees a beautiful wedding in all respects. Just as Andrea and Joel wished. The surroundings are absolutely dreamy, as if they were taken from a postcard or a picture. As Wedding Photographers Mallorca we can tell you that it is a dream come true working with such views and sceneries.

We had plenty of options: lush vegetation, fauna or even the beautiful Mediterranean sea. In Cases de Son Barbassa, they offer such an amazing variety and they also make sure that both the bride and the groom will enjoy themselves, as well as their lovely guests. This does expedite our job because we will be able to take plenty of natural and spontaneous photographs all at the same time. The loving couple did nothing but surrender to their moment of true happiness, which they have been organizing and meticulously preparing for their Destination Wedding Photographers Mallorca.


We have already commented on this, but it is true. A Destination Wedding in Mallorca has a different touch because the intensity is definitely increased. The time and effort spent on organizing it, the kilometres that the couple and the guests had travelled from another country to celebrate this very intimate wedding add to the fact of how special destination weddings can be. Their eagerness was very much noticeable. All the Wedding Photographs in Mallorca we took for Andrea and Joel show, overall, both tenderness and laughter. It was impossible to take a photograph of them without all their feelings showing.

And let us tell you that, as professional photographers in love with our profession and in love with love, there is nothing more beautiful than that. In addition to this if you add such an amazing scenery, it was a complete pleasure for us working for them, who have discovered us from abroad, and being their Wedding Photographers in Cases de Son Barbassa.

Andrea and Joel were never alone at any time. Their people, who had travelled to enjoy every minute of it with them, stayed by their side all the time. They took special care of the groom. They made sure that every detail was perfect: his suspenders, his bowtie and his jacket, even though they knew that he was not going to wear it for a long time. What can we say about Andrea? Her closest friends and family made sure that her beautiful long blonde hair was perfectly gathered and that her astonishing dress was nicely buttoned up, with which she was showing her back covered with the most delicate lace and the most elegant bridal veil.


With her bridal bouquet in her hands and with a hopeful heart she headed to the beautiful altar. All the spontaneous photographs showed the most natural gestures full of happiness. When you are a Wedding Photographer in Mallorca you always dream about these scenes to happen. And they do happen. These photographs definitely tell you about the place, Cases de Son Barbassa, and how the sky is the limit for this incredible loving couple. We could not ask for more. We just wanted to thank both our profession and our passion for working together and create such unforgettable memories, not only for us but specially for our loving couple.

When Andrea and Joel’s civil ceremony in Cases de Son Barbassa had finished, everyone was looking for the well anticipated celebration we were talking to you about earlier. Once again, the loving couple surprised all their guests with such original details which completely represented the way they are and the way they feel. What does come to your mind when we say party? Music, right? Thus, meanwhile a professional DJ was in charge of spicing up the evening, every song he played was accompanied by a saxophonist who was playing around the tables making every ballad even more special. Friends and family definitely made the most of such an special moment.

Even when all jackets were left behind resting on the chairs, and most shoes were laying on the floor, the desire to keep celebrating did not cease. The sky was full of stars and our cameras full of smiles from this loving couple and their amazing people. As Wedding Photographers Mallorca, we truly cannot ask for more. Because where love and romance are, we will definitely go. We would love to thank Andrea and Joel for choosing us, for choosing this island, but most of all for choosing each other to live happily ever after.

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