Ángel Photographer

It is not easy to talk about yourself, but if you have a look to the photographs that accompanies these words, it will be easier for me to do it, and much more easy for you to understand me. They are my daughters. Both of them, my family and photography are my great passions. And precisely they become the reason of the passion that I put in each one of the photographic projects that I make.

Personal experiences influence in what we do without being able to avoid it, in what we are passionate about, and this is what happens to me with photography. My family and photography are my very true passions, my big follies!

I live in Mallorca, although I carry out my work as a photographer in the rest of the Balearic Islands and outside of them. I consider myself a close person, outgoing, dynamic and constant in everything that I propose, especially work. And about my free time, I love playing paddle, traveling and dedicating as much time as I can to be with my people.

My concern for work and the love for my family are somehow what I do not change a special moment for a good photo. Behind the objective I seek to capture feelings, glances that transmit something, sincere expressions, emotions… any of them! Naturalness, in a word, that the client feels comfortable, away from posed and scheduled photos. Mostly, the best models are those that go unnoticed in front of the camera and I look for them.

My familiar behaviour is reflected in my way of working, my closeness in the treatment and knowing how to value small things. All of this has influenced to create a special connection with my clients, of which great friendships have emerged on many occasions.

My restless nature has made me never stop experimenting with every job I make. I never give up training, because it is very important for me to be able to evolve, improve and be informed about the rapid advances that are taking place in the world of photography. And I want to adapt to all of them, precisely in order to continue offering my clients the best service with the latest technological advances, as well as being able to renew ideas and constantly learn. I have always had, also in my personal life, the need to learn new things and to be able to face new challenges.

And it would not be fair if I did not talk about the team that forms Àngel Fotògraf, without which I would not have been able to add these 20 years and I would not have been able to achieve so many things, and even less get here. In addition, we would have missed so many special moments that you let us share: weddings, communions, christenings, maternity photos…. In the most special moments of your lives you have chosen us and this is for us the greatest professional and personal satisfaction, after all. All links are essential to obtain good results and customer satisfaction, and also to attract new people who bet on our work, often recommended by others and these in turn by others, is our best reward. Currently, we are also specialized in advertising photography and architecture.

In Àngel Fotògraf we do not understand photography without passion, without emotions, your emotions, that is what we go searching it with the best of our smiles and our greatest illusion and professionalism.